MARCHING Series CMB5 Bass Drum – Medium


Hardwood Shaft, Felt Head, 2” diameter x 1- 1/2”, 13-7/8” overall length size. PAIR


Clevelander’s MARCHING (Drum Corp) SERIES is a collection of proven models perfect for marching bands, featuring durable construction. Clevelander mallets are made by percussionists for percussionists.

Bass drum mallets are provided with a hard felt head epoxied on hardwood shafts with a clear, lacquer finish are epoxied to hard, felt heads. Each mallet is equipped with a natural finish, wooden, contoured end piece for comfort and non-slip rubber grip.

2” diameter x 1- 1/2”, 14-1/8” overall length size. PAIR

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1/2", 5/8", T 1/2", T 5/8"

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