Grover® Warranty Registration Submission

Grover® Machine Head Lifetime Warranty

Our warranty covers failure as a result of a manufacturing defect on Grover® Machine Heads. It does not cover normal wear and tear, including washers, tarnishing or wear-through of plating, or damage not because of normal use. It also does not cover tuners purchased through unauthorized dealers, 3rd party resellers, or in unauthorized Grover® packaging. For discontinued tuners, if possible, we will repair, or replace the item with a current, comparable model.  The warranty is non-transferrable. 

*G2™ Grover machine heads are not covered under Grover’s Lifetime Guarantee. G2™ Grover machine heads can be recognized by the Grover name in upper- and lower-case lettering (Grover).

If you have a defective Grover® Machine Head that was purchased new in authorized Grover® retail packaging, or as part of an authorized instrument, it may be returned for repair or exchange with proof of purchase. Please submit a request through our warranty submission page at for prior authorization.

Upon authorization, if within the USA, please include a check or money order for $7.50 (shipping and handling) payable to Grover Musical Products.  We also accept PayPal.  We may request the defective part(s) to be sent for repair or further inspection.

*If outside the USA, the amount will differ, and we will advise the best international shipping rate accordingly*

Grover Musical Products
9287 Midwest Avenue
Garfield Heights, Oh 44212

*Please note, we always recommend consulting an authorized luthier whenever installing hardware or making any modifications to your instrument.

***If you do not receive a reply within 3-5 business days, please contact us at [email protected]***

Grover® Cables 3-Year Limited Warranty

Our warranty covers failure as a result of a manufacturing defect on Grover instrument cables.  If you have a defective Grover® cable that was purchased new in authorized Grover® retail packaging, it may be returned for repair or exchange with proof of purchase. Please submit a request through our warranty submission page at for prior authorization.

Grover® Warranty Registration Submission 

Warranty Registration

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Notice about Counterfeit and Other Unauthorized Products

To Our Current and Future Customers:

We have become aware of counterfeit and other unauthorized products that illegally bear our trademarks [including Grover® and Rotomatic®] that are being manufactured and sold by unauthorized resellers who are attempting to unlawfully imitate our products. These products are not authorized by us and infringe our valuable intellectual property rights while harming unsuspecting customers who purchase them since they are not our genuine merchandise and are not covered by our warranty. We are committed to selling only high-quality products that undergo rigorous testing and exceed industry standards for product materials and integrity to ensure their long-lasting functionality, quality, and reliability. However, we cannot assure that these imitation products will meet such criteria, and we do not accept any liability for failure, defects or damage caused by them.

We are taking active measures to identify and remove these imitation products from the global market. We also welcome reports and information regarding any such products, which can be sent to us at [email protected]. In addition, if you have purchased what you believe to be one of our products, and you have questions as to authenticity, please contact us at the above address. We value your assistance in our campaign to protect our customers from confusion and dissatisfaction, and we urge all purchasers to be mindful of this situation and strongly advise against purchasing products that are believed to be ours at suspiciously low prices via other unauthorized resellers.

We value your business and will continue to work hard to earn it and to vigorously protect our reputation as providing high-quality, reliable products in the musical marketplace.

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