Covid-19 Statement:
The entire global supply chain continues to experience immense pressure because of stresses caused by COVID-19 and related transportation issues. Due to high demand, we are finding it more difficult to get our products and materials as quickly as we did only a few months ago. The most trying part about dealing with a global economic situation like this, is that almost every type of product, in every type of market, is feeling the effect of product shortages and delays. Please know, we are working hard to provide our customers with the products they need as quickly as possible.  

Q: I am looking for new machine heads for my guitar. What will fit?  

A: We suggest visiting our website at for a full list of our tuners along with their schematic drawings and specifications.  

Q: I am looking for a special finish but can’t seem to find it anywhere. 

A: We offer most of our machine heads in Gold, Nickel, Chrome, Black Chrome, and Black Nickel. All other finishes are special order for OEM models only. 

Q: I am looking to purchase a model of machine head but can’t find them anywhere, can I purchase them direct from you? 

A: We do not sell direct but suggest trying one of our authorized dealers. 

Q: I have a (blank) guitar from (blank), which Grover model will fit?  

A: We suggest visiting our website at for a full list of our models, along with their schematic drawings. Due to the wide variety of guitar manufacturers and their individual specifications, it is difficult for us to make recommendations without the necessary information. 

Q: I am missing a machine head; can I purchase one directly from you?  

A: We do not sell direct, but please contact us at [email protected] for further assistance.  

Q: I need new washers for my machine heads. 

A: Metal washers, nylon washers, and spring washers are not covered under Grover’s lifetime warranty. New washers can be purchased from one of our authorized dealers below. Part# GPB18 
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Q: I have contacted you regarding a warranty claim but have not received a response.  

A: We are very sorry to hear that. We do our best to respond to all inquiries promptly. Please contact us at [email protected] for further assistance.  

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