See what our fans have to say about Grover/Trophy Products!

As close to perfect as you get.

“Grover tuners are about as close to perfect as you get and will compete with anything else on the market at a very reasonable price, so they get my 5 stars. I have used Grovers on a couple of my guitar builds and they never disappoint me. I also have them on a couple of Gibson guitars as original equipment. I chose these to use for the Stew Mac Single Cut JR kit I am building as an upgrade because Gibson used Grovers as original equipment on many guitars. I got the Nickel finish to keep a vintage look. These things are just cool, and smooth, I will get them again in the future!”

~ Mike Wurn, August 12, 2020

They will last longer than you.

“Not cheap, but Rotomatics are simply the best! I immediately put a set of these into an old 1952 Les Paul I bought – in 1969! 52 years later they still work flawlessly.”

~ Les Ismour, April 14, 2021

An absolute game-changer.

“I have an Epiphone Special II which is kind of a cheap starter guitar and I have served me well but the original tuning pegs were awful, even a tiny turn varied the tuning wildly so it was very time consuming to get a consistent tuning but after installing the Grover tuning both with a tuner and my ear, I can tell how accurate and consistent it gets and you can get very precise with how you tune your instrument, I would definitely recommend them if you want to upgrade the gear in a cheap guitar”

~ Santiago Calad, March 27, 2021

Can’t go wrong with Grovers

“They may cost a little more, but for my builds, these are money well spent. Fit and finish are always spot on, and in the unlikely case there is a problem, a quick call to Grover and they will make it right without hesitation. In a previous set of these I purchased, one of the threaded bushings was the wrong size-and side by side, you could barely tell. I sent Grover an email on Sunday evening, and on Wednesday the replacement bushing, plus an extra, were in my mailbox.
It seems like in my endless quest for tone I’m always swapping out parts on my gits, but once the Grovers go on, they stay on!!”

~ Les C., March 03, 2019

Grover: As good as it gets.

“Made a Chinese guitar play like a Gibson.”

~ John Wilverton, June 14, 2021

A worthwhile upgrade for your guitar.

“These were/are a perfect fit for my 2019 Epiphone LP Plus Top Pro. No drilling required!! I was able to use the pre-existing screw holes. The set included all the necessary hardware except for the nuts that tighten the tuning keys to the headstock. One thing that’s kind of a bummer: the tuning posts are rather long. And so, they “stick out” farther from the headstock than the factory tuning posts. It looks a little weird at first. But, I’ve gotten used to it. This is a worthwhile up-grade, especially if you change strings often and/or your guitar goes out of tune too easily.”

~ R.D. Gen, November 17, 2019

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