The Titan® Electric Bass (145 Series) features self-aligning thrust bearings along with a durable die-cast housing and butterfly buttons. With 23:1 gear ratio.

The 145 Series is innovative in design and styling. Durable die-cast housig and butterfly button with self-aligning thrust bearings to allow the worm and gear to mesh perfectly. Safety-type string posts with cutaway shoulders to provide slip-over. May be used with ALL modern bass guitar headstocks.

  • Sealed-in, lubricated gears
  • Self aligning thrust bearings
  • 23:1 gear ratio
  • 21/32” post hole
  • Post length to hole: 20.9mm
  • Overall post length: 34.3mm
  • Weight per pc/per set: 3.8oz/15.2oz
  • Max. string gauge: .145”
  • Hardware included (bushings, washers, screws)
  • Drop-in replacement for: None at this time

Available in:
For standard bass guitars, 2 Treble, 2 Bass, Set of 4
No. 145N Nickel
No. 145C Chrome
No. 145G Gold
No. 145BC Black Chrome

For standard 4-in-line bass guitars, 4 Bass, Set of 4
No. 145N Nickel
No. 145C4 Chrome
No. 145G4 Gold
No. 145BC4 Black Chrome

For left-hand 4-in-line bass guitars (reverse headstock), 4 Treble , Set of 4
No. 145NL4 Nickel
No. 145CL4 Chrome
No. 145GL4 Gold
No. 145BCL4 Black Chrome

Schematic Drawing

145 Series

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