MARCHING (Drum Corp) Series CMB10 Bass Drum Mallets – Small

Hickory Shaft, Felt Head, 1- 1/2” diameter x 1- 1/4”, 14-1/2” overall length size. PAIR

Clevelander’s MARCHING (Drum Corp) SERIES is a collection of proven models perfect for marching bands, featuring durable construction. Clevelander mallets are made by percussionists for percussionists.

Clevelander’s approach to the modern DCI Drum Corps style of mallets. These mallets are made with a durable, black tumbled finished hickory shaft and strong felt heads. They are light in the hands making advanced split bass drum techniques flow effortlessly, while maintaining impact and unison power.


  • Head Diameter: 2”
  • Head Material(s): Felt
  • Handle Material(s): Hickory
  • Handle Diameter: 1/2” shaft
  • Overall Length: 14-1/2”
  • Articulation: Lightweight for effortless split bass drum techniques with no loss of power and control
  • Sold as: Pair
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