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Shaker Block Display

Shaker Blocks are great “baby rattles”… and their true maraca sound makes them the perfect percussion accessory for school age kids… even adults!

1stNote® Recorder Display

This attractive stand is sure to remind you of an “old time” candy store. It includes 32 recorders ( 4 of each Color)

Classics Countertop Display

Trophy Classics are an outstanding collection of instruments that have enjoyed popularity for many, many years.

Jaw Harp Display

12 fine quality Jaw Harps (made in Austria) on a 8″ x 12″ wall display card.

Recorder Display

12 brightly colored recorders are packaged in a beautiful counter display.

Snoopy’s Harp

This bright and colorful counter display contains 12 individually boxed “Snoopy Harps.”

Train Whistle Display

12 authentic sounding train whistles in a 6″ x 8″ counter display and individually wrapped.