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Strap Locks

Grover Strap Locks feature the “quick release” mechanism players want and need.


Ultra Capo™

The new Grover Ultra Capo features the “World’s first” offset design which allows more room for the thumb on the back of the neck.

Perfect Nut

Sold successfully for over 50 years under the “Micro” brand, the new Grover® model is produced using a totally new, but exact reproduction die cast mold, which provides a much brighter, resonant sound than stamped steel versions.


Ukulele Humidifier

It is important to keep your valuable instrument at the proper humidity level. Most experts agree that this is between 40% – 50% humidity. Too low and your instrument finish can be damaged and the wood can crack. Too high and your instrument will swell, fret ends become sharp and it will not sound right.


Guitar Humidifier

Protect your investment! Our new guitar case humidifier helps to prevent adverse effects such as bad string action, buzzing, protruding fret ends, cracking, top-sinking, and other damage caused as a result of dryness.

Truss Rod Wrench

Truss Rods allow the curvature of the neck to be adjusted due to the natural “bows” or “warps” caused by string tension.